Make it your new thing to be open-minded!


Greetings to you all.

The veil has been lifted and many of you are beginning to open up with such rapid movement,
it may overwhelm you. The time has come for you to make great moves, all in the direction of the
future. Be prepared and awaken to the depth of your soul now, by choosing the light in all forms.
Love is truly unconditional as it will pierce through everything and help you become the teaching
source of light you have always been.

Now is not the time to wander about in streets of sadness or depression. Should you find yourself,
or someone else to be there, then draw the line and finally seek consistency, recovery but also
compassion. Treatment is never easy, but Spirit wants to look at this with concern for those who are
immediately affected by your energy.

As you know, energy can travel and we all need to be very careful about what we put out there, because
everything affects anything. And anything can change the course of how everything is meant to go. Now
the moment has arrived to pursue your dreams, cut your losses and figure out a new way to handle life.

Your friendships, interests and dreams can all be nurtured by trusting in them. The problem so many
people have with making new friends or reconnecting with an old one, is the fear of judgement. Consider
carefully if this fear is holding you back from going on to making bigger and better things happen for you.
Remember that as you change, you grow and your healing path is meant to be a complex one, but also
a revealing one.

Strength reveals tenacity and this gets you further than some may like to acknowledge. Tread easily now
and welcome in the hope of tomorrow. Each soul will understand something wonderful about time itself.
It must be challenged or else it will challenge us. This is a time where you will see the true faces of those you
made family, friends or just simply acquaintances. Either way, have it in you to choose honesty and don’t
worry about where they will end up, especially if all you know is negativity from them.

Choose you and be proud of what it took to get to where you are. Your dreams cannot be bought and will
linger upon your doorstep for as long as you ignore them. Dreams can only prosper with assurance that
you will follow them. When? Is entirely up to you. How? Also!

We wish you the best when it comes to healing and opening up.
Remember, we are always serving the positivity in us.

With Love,

March 2014

It’s been a while, but we are back;)


We welcome you to a new message.

Today we focus on releasing what we know, will no longer be of benefit to us.
Being human means being yourself. There is no clear instruction manual as to what is truly
of importance in being human. Yes we have morals, ethics, dreams and wishes. But do we
choose to work with them or not? Do we go so far as to accept our divine souls and no longer
worry if we are perfect for someone else?

Yes, the year has begun and we are approaching March with sacred Moons and moments of
introspection. You too will have noticed how January was all about grounding. This month is
not only the month of love, but also the month of release. True and pure love, shall not want and
we must remind ourselves of this holy calling to be honest with those who are honest with us.

Yes, we spoke about Denial, Depression and Disease, all throughout the last year. This year,
we have decided to consciously focus on the more beautiful moments in life, and not necessarily,
moments we know we cannot change. Many of you have arrived to love people on this planet.
Meaning, many of you, have come home.

Home is what we all are searching for, with a condition and that is why some aren’t there yet.
Indeed, many want things their way and not in a new and perhaps more healthier way for the future.
We as lightworkers do not tell you what to do and maybe that is what irritates and annoys the lost
and angry. This life is not about doing something for someone else and then hoping to get something
out of it. Nope. The life we all have been blessed with, is trying to prove a point in not judging others but
respecting them for whatever role they may play in our lives.

Nothing is separate and still, many struggle to make peace with that one true fact from the universe.
It is through universal power, that we all are linked. We vibrate highest to the frequency of forgiveness
and new beginnings. Our advice, as Healers, is to accept the new beginnings and release the endings
that for now, have crushed you internally.

When love comes knocking at your door, don’t judge it. It has waited to find you and perhaps seeing
where all will take you, is a much more peaceful and calmer way of treating the whole situation. People
can also easily take advantage of you and your strengths so be careful and learn from the past.
Meaning, trust those who have proven themselves trustworthy.

With Love,

Divine Compass Channelings
Love and Light

Metatron Has A Message For All!


Peace to you.

It is I, Metatron, Guardian of the Light.

Now find that much of what you have been approaching, was incomplete. You did not know enough and
your ventures are seemingly fruitless in the hour of longing and fear. But this is not where we are to find
you any longer as angels. We must now find you within the halls of Light, praying and being joyful in
the hour of receiving. For this is the year of receiving and your power, will make your presence known.

Fear not those with immense success. For what you see, is but a picture. Not the entire story. Now the oracles
are awakening, trying to find ways and means to live as such and be respected as such. The many years of
anger and turmoil connected to the gift of Clairvoyance are fading. Not long and many of you will see the visions

No more will it be a question of faith, but timing and that will strengthen you in many ways. Find that now
you have given enough of the past and must now, give of the present moment. Only the moment right in front
of you, will get you to where you need to be. It is no more a thing of doubt between you and the angels.

The angels are your guides for good reason and anyone doubting the very presence of our One and Only Creator,
will not be happy. The incomplete soul will rock back and forth between reason and superstition as things are
yet, to come true. You too must part from this way of thinking and believe your purpose comes with faith.

For how can someone else have faith in you and you do not in yourself? There lies the rotting apple, in need of
being cleared from the rest of the bunch. You deserve a good life and no more the stress of WILL-SOMEONE-LOVE-ME.
Of course you are loved, but you must first understand this love, before you can speak of it, let alone heal through it.

It is this love, that wakes you in the early morning hours, asking for your attention. Yes, you are now in a period
of deep reflection and can only end up choosing the light, the good way. It is this good path you have manifested
but have strayed from as doubt crept in and destroyed much of what was once a joy in innocence.

Only you are the one who can find the riches of release in the heart that knows only courage. Yes, you all have a
pretty good idea of what you want and what you don’t want. Now use this knowledge and continue to manifest in
behalf of the divine Kingdom. For where were you, in your darkness? You were with the King. Where were you,
in your happiest moments? With the gifts of the King. You see, wherever you choose to go, the loyal soul of the Creator
shall guide you.

As so, we ask you again,
have no fear.
Live in the now and here.


-Channeled By C.K.
January  2014

The alchemical Soul invites you to celebrate 2014!


And we welcome you, to the year of Excellence.

It has been written that all souls shall meet with the purity of their dreams.
Welcome beautiful beings and thank you for connecting with Divine Compass Channelings again.
You do deserve to witness the beauty of having had faith and for many, the sacred harvest is imminent.
Be patient and bring forth your soulful energies to help balance your desires, wishes and thoughts about

The time has come to balance the energies and truly find joy in moments of reflection. Should the soul
you are currently living with not bring you joy, so do we advise you to find guidance from now on and
make divine positivity, yours. Yes, we are aware of the truth that it is not easy and by no means do we
wish for you to worry.

For worry is the beginning of stress and stress, the beginning of misery. If you are not capable of releasing
the past, then even making this grand shift in 2014, will be difficult as you can only do it be divine will.
2012-13 was designed, for every Starseed to shift naturally in 2014. You are being prepared to become a much
greater figure in the future. Seemingly attracting only good, so will you never forget what showed itself as negative
and scary at the same time.

Worries concerning money and food, are connecting you to energies that have not willed love into their existence.
The time has come to bring forth the energy of abundance and no longer worry so much. For everyone who believes
they are not gifted, please, wake up and cut the chords to a past that put you down for who you are/were. You must now
go forth and believe in a much higher goodness.

One that will shock but also motivate others to do the same. The inspiration you find in others, is real and you
must be able to own your gift and work with it. Effort into projects will come through very soon for so many as many more
need them to cope, communicate and compassionately just be. You are therefore bringing in love, positivity and wealth into
your life, if you are able to release what all these three things meant to you in the past.

Remember, your divine journey Starseed. Not only are others learning from you, many more are being helped to now
express their emotions and mentalities, so peace of mind can expand and stay. There is truly no point in hating what 2013 was.
Yes you have loved.
Yes, you have lost.
And yes, you have learned.
Perhaps all three may be very hard or difficult really, to get right now, but do some reflecting and open your soul system, up towards

The universe is prepared with astounding accuracy, to help serve and guide you. Take nothing but love from this reading today and
arise within your defeat. The soul is stronger now. Much more than ever before. It will be up to you to bring forth the best healing
light through your Aura, as you possibly can.

Let your mind, become a vessel for divine synchronicity. Allow this now, to help shift you into the right state of mind for 2014.
We shall meet frequently within this frequency.

It is all for you, dear Reader.

Thank you for surviving 2013 with us.
On to 2014, passionate beings of the Christ consciousness.

Shift or be shifted by the course of events.

Much Love to you,

DCC guided by C.K.

Keep going.


Blessings to you all!!!!

Thank you for connecting with us once more. It is this message that will stretch into the new
year as many of your desires are now aligning and unfolding. Keep truth in your heart and fear
not the path ahead, nor the challenges destined for you soul. You deserve to comprehend the
choices you are making and choosing you, is right now the best choice you could ever make.

It is easy to get caught up in what others say. And yet we can assure you, what other people think,
is not as important as the very truth that they think and will eventually take responsibility for their behavior.
It is not up to you, to see people through a certain time. Each one of us has to uphold our end of the deal
and truly come through with more blessings and clear light, for all involved.

Earth Mother will be speaking differently through each one next year, so be prepared to appreciate your
existence with a new depth, unknown to others. It is your power that rests in the souls of each one trying to make
it in this life. Give next year and do not ask yourself where it is coming from.

Compassion is a gift, best given in the wrapping of love. Try not to underestimate where you are going or what
you want to achieve in this life. Right now for so many, the choice to give up, seems clear as day and will soon be
made. Accept that many people are tired of how life has been, is and seemingly, will be. We say seemingly because it is
all too easy getting caught up in the whole buzz of the moment and not direct your own power within your vortex,
to a higher and much brighter future.

The time to educate yourself has come, so choose this path with assurance in your heart and all will come true, all will,
and we mean this, it will come to pass as it is meant to. Many are angry at those able to read intentions, because it is clear,
not everybody is honest. You cannot be angry at the messenger. Perhaps the message, but you must be conscious God believes
in each one of the Creations walking this divine planet and yes, you are one of them.

Shift now into your dreams for 2014. Work and allow the positive vibrations to touch others. People will notice you feel good
and they will embrace the new mentality by which you have chosen to live. Give yourself enough time to grieve and mourn.
Let people go and approach your own life with a new passion for it. Because Life is so complex, so is it often the case, that we
undervalue what is right in front of us. We see no options of changing because we fear if things will ever be good again.

Well, also here the Angels remind us that we can always work with them. They care and are an extension of Source energy.
Bring nothing more than your heart to an angel and your worries will be transmuted into something you will understand and embrace. LET THE PAST BE. There is no point in running after what cannot be changed. Right now, your desires will show you so much
more comes to life, then just paying attention to what is going on. You need to respond more actively and not let thoughts of negativity get you down.

This year is coming to an end, Ladies and Gentlemen. With that, so much anger is also coming to an end. Yes many events, natural causes, shocked us,
but be prepared, it will not be any different next year. What will be different, will be the atmosphere people choose to create around you.
Take control of your life and believe it is best to move on and focus on you!
Yes, it is not easy, but it is worth it and we wish you all the strength and courage you may need to master any challenges as they come.

Thank you for reading this and we wish you only the best.
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a journey that will prove to you, the love of power is over and the power of love,
has only begun.

Love and Light,

Cassandra Kalaika
Divine Compass Channelings

Every chance you take, takes you to new places!


Blessings to you all!!

It is a divine pleasure finding peace and working with it. Even though many of you are feeling the absence of peace,
so do we ask you to believe in the deep inner healing happening right now. To those who continue to give of their hearts
this is a positive time, of incredible change. Yes, you will want to be present for this shift in energies, pulling you out of
your shell and helping you reconnect with the most powerful of opportunities.

No one is alone. The Earth we share as one kind, is designed for companionship and closure in so many situations. New
beginnings are on the horizon and yes, you will want to pay extremely close attention to the change in emotion, vibration and
the desire to connect with the world. Your soul family consists of a group, however large, that will continue to help you reach
your dreams and help you find peace on this path you are on.

Yes, it all takes time, but we are meant to be empowered by this vibration, circulating the planet as of tomorrow. The full Moon
is a sign of strength for each one connected and consciously so, to their energy fields. Leave the past where it belongs, and that is
behind you. So very often we think we are doing ourselves a favor by being or staying worried about something. Well, it’s all
good being concerned about energy, but we must face the truth! We cannot stay or be worried for too long.

There are things changing within the Universe that can cause you to wonder what the purpose of life now truly is. The purpose is
simplicity a midst difficulties. Do not hold back in this experience of life and love. Too many wonder about their dreams, but put
others down for having dreams also. This is what so many are struggling with, but the energies this upcoming month, will teach
us all the essence of forgiveness, the pleasure of clarity.

When it comes to those whom you need to forgive, so do it soon, please. We know that for many the path of light can only continue,
if we choose to forgive and pass on the negative vibrations to the divine Master of Light, Our Creator. It is by the light of the Creator that
peace is evolving so beautifully, so intensely and so mysteriously. This is a healthy period to experience and the divine wants us all
to listen to our hearts instead of fight them.

It is never easy to learn new ways of doing things. But it is necessary and when you do find the time, it becomes more and more
important. You have all the tools to help guide, assist and heal others with your sense of gratitude and respect for life. Compassion is where
we all become one and the divine asks you to channel your Higher energies, resting safely within the 9th Chakra center. It is this center
that continues to stay open as you, stay open-minded.

Take the vibrations coming throughout the Universe, seriously. Your ability to share your energies will connect you for the good of all.
This said, it is now time to let go of the odd and the old. It is time to prepare for a glorious path of divine encouragement and happiness.
The force of Creativity is with all of us. So the next time you feel depressed about the state your life is in, so do we ask you to look into your
dreams for answers.

Dreams take time and so do you, need all the time in the world before making these life changing choices. Everyone of us, is being prepared
for a path of light, for which we may not know what will come, but we trust a little more within the Universe and it’s good deeds for all of man.
Yes, this planet can change and the state it is in, as well. We here, the collective consciousness of One, we believe you will find the right path to follow
your dreams and accept whatever happens connected to life.

So we ask you to stay put, embrace the energies and not give up. It’s essential that with every Moon coming to pass, so do we grow beyond our fears.
The path of acceptance is where we all meet once again and truly begin a path of unity, kindness and peace for the world.

We wish you well.

With Love,

The Channeling Group:

Divine Compass Channelings


Look inside, Love is there.


Hello to all, open to new information and energy.

Much is now coming to an end, my divine Readers. Situations are no longer a reason to worry, because many are investing
in the near future. This is positive. The law of attachment is being spoken of here today and it is time to relax and truly accept
that energy is working well in your life. Now when it comes to attachment, many feel a negative emotion connected to it. But why?
Attachment is connected to courage and the ability to forgive as well.

You are being called to re-evaluate what is going on in your life. Being attached to someone, can also be understood in a more
positive way, than ever before. Codependency is part of the Human soul. We must make peace with this and not be ashamed of the
desire to bond with another or be with them for a longer period of time. It’s essential to be trustworthy in your relationships as you
request the very same.

We are meant to focus on the here and now, because we cannot reverse the hands of time, dear Ladies and Gentlemen. We can only build
upon a future within the present moment and appreciate all that is coming to us with love and light. The cycles so many people find
themselves to be in, are confusing when you are sad or distracted from your life’s true path. Listen, you don’t have to waste your time with
energies who do not bring out the very best of your character.

Embrace solitude and the divine shift that comes with it. You are so much stronger than the past because you are alive and reading this.
It is not about how many people happen to stumble upon this message. The messages of Light, always reach the right people, looking for
confirmation, or compassion either way. Let the soul breathe and slowly handle the issues in your life with more elegance.

Yes we can disrespect ourselves greatly when we are unhappy with how life is working out. But we can assure you, this to can be released
and focusing on life will return with even more energy and hope for the divine future. Yes, the future is divine and it is important to respect
that. Every moment counts and we must always rely on our intuition to get us through.

Life is complex, that is for sure. But the complexity of life is exciting and anyone who stays optimistic now, can agree that life is and always has been,
one of the most beautiful gifts ever given, created and experienced. This is why you are reading this because we are here to assure you, your thoughts,
concerning the light, connect you to a brilliant vibration called patience. Take note of this and realize, life is a gift. As much as you would like to
throw in the towel in difficult moments, realize they make you a passionate lover one day. Yes, even a devoted husband or wife.

When we put more into the present moment, then we get more out of it in the near future. The long term future will change if one is changing one’s mind
too often. With it comes instability, heartache, stress and lethargy. The desire for you here now, is to open up and speak to someone you trust, about what
is going on. Speak and feel the truth healing you. Be conscious and careful with your choice of people you choose to hang out with and remember,
the more positive you stay, the better you will be.

Life is coming through to help assist us and heal with us. We are strong because we worked for it. Anybody who knows they have worked for something,
develops a certain kind of strength you can’t just take away. It is necessary to understand that as quickly as possible. Yes you may be taken out of your
comfort zone for a while, but it is essential life is respected and appreciated.

The signs are there, now all you need to do is follow those signs.

Let the divine help you, guide you and comfort you with gifts that all contribute to the arrival of prosperity. Allow this to be your foundation and you will
build on all you have witnessed in life. It is important to remember, the gifts will always stay. Perhaps the connection to your gifts may be slow right now,
but it is helping you pick up the energy and allow your own unique flow to be of presence and relevance.

We send you only the best of Love and Bliss.

With Light.

Cassandra Kalaika   
Divine Compass Channelings