Hello Doctor Do What You Can….

Blessings to us all.

I just spoke a minute ago, with Legions able to translate information in a humane way, about the need to progress within distributing the truth of what pharmaceutical accessibility, has allowed companies to see and how far certain personal drama’s took the privacy of a person’s life, the consequences we like to generalize and pretend, have not controlled the way the we speak about what we think. Two people can agree to disagree. That we have a problem with the way they come to disagree about something, is understood. The mind has a way of presenting truth, if able to stomach what having been lied to, has felt like and how difficult the channeled journeys of life, have become. That we then like to look to children, who will have trouble translating different forms of rejection, with a sense of observational expectation, stubbornness covering fear and a sense of desolation, once asked about the validity of a human being in Science, is something a lot of individuals are facing.

The life we live, has been asked to come together with the very natural resources you once took for granted or eventually settled with never knowing quite enough about them, before proceeding to waste your own time, if feeling that way. That we can internalize shame, pass it on and create another generation of insecurities controlling what a Doctor, once a Nurse has been met with, up to the Surgeon’s reality of what people do to themselves, is something we need to accept, can change, once we trust the presently growing generation, to embrace the challenges of a new life. Our sorrows, come quickly and rarely do they leave, with the same amount of truth as they arrived in. Truth is something we fight to preserve and then we find out, what made us turn our back on doing it. I do have anger management issues, which is something quite understandable, once you comprehend the challenges I have dealt with, the loss of patience that gave me my ironically contradictional past life name called Patience itself and how difficult it has become to love myself, is now, clearer than ever. That we struggle to fulfill simple wishes today, can only come as a result of regretting chances we did not take. That is something you can quickly see and think of as okay, but to yourself and for your lifestyle choices, it becomes the reason you either make it or don’t. That we all have issues, when it comes to our bodies, has made us friends when looking for some ‘action’ and the greatest enemies, once we realize, that at one point or another, we stop having fun, waiting for actions of the heart, to control the future.

However you choose to find love, honour it.

However you choose to embrace your strength, become aware of the path that got you there, is taking you back and is allowing you to make something great happen. We all doubt where our courage from, until it bursts right out of us and the migraine of having to listen to an idealistic mind, will suddenly show a side of self-conceit, that needs to appear, before the clarity of your being, has given you the good you have been looking for. That we all have a body to love, is clear. How we love it, is clear too. Is it affordable though? Are we able to regard our own emotional development with the same awe and admiration, even envy, as we would instantly, when it comes to somebody else’s life? How secure are you, within facing a moment where you are contradicted, rejected and ridiculed? How do you tell your friend, if you have one to speak to, that you have hit rock bottom in ways where the rest of your life, is the same monotone pattern of DO Do and then get it done? How do you make friends, if we all are simply looking for business partners and a way of bypassing poverty if possible? How do you go for a relationship, when you just got out of one you may have never properly defined as a dependency, in your own moment of reflection?

That is something to ask a mind, that has overthought it’s approach to life or simply considered to leave evolution of a great mind, to another.

You will always pay the price for being smarter than everybody else?

No, I don’t think so.

We all have an equal level of intellect gracing trust in who we are. If that part of you have to work harder at staying awesome for those who matter, gets confused with who you are and what you want to do, then please accept, it is because you too, may be at a cross-road and how you function. Society tells us, sobriety is the cure to another company’s dilemma. Then Society per Media exchange, constructs a way of appearing feminine in one aspect, when it comes to men, who feel empty, maltreated and disregarded for how intuitive they are. These men are with Spirit and good so, as much love is teaching them now in their own pace, to accept the power of life, being able to be seen from the other side. We deserve to bridge the fears we ran from, made people run because of and then pretended, we were over them. I am barely over not having a home and will need to fix that as soon as possible. To give thanks to the Spirits and show the world I affect, what I know of how to construct healthier settings, would be a dream.

You can dream and go above and beyond, telling yourself, the good fo the world, never mattered more.

Does that dream, show you how you have developed psychologically?

Does having a pattern of doing things, give you the feeling of control?

How much do you need to control something a day, in order to feel like your life has meaning?

How do you define control?

You have, like me, a lot of sides to your personality.

What happens once these sides have a little chat called, it is time to grow up?

What happens, once you recognize the depletion of having hope can make you feel like?

Are you ready to drop a deconstructive attitude and reconstructively leave something worth discovering behind, should you be considering the creation of a legacy?

There is where many of us, have tried to make things work, from angles of methodical thinking, that have co-created a way of being, that confuses us. It becomes confusing, once the heart has lost the motivation to accept how a system is executed, meaning run. How difficult is it, to read the word executed, when you know, that the same word is used in war, legal cases which are shorter in review, because we all don’t have the necessary means to keep hanging on to cases, we only then acknowledge, once they hit the news?

We need to do more, before we expect so much to be done in the name of the Lord, God says.
We need to be more conscious of how we let go of our feelings, because someone else can create way of letting go, because of how we then believe to have the right to act, God says.

In addition to compromising this vibrational frequency in 2014 already, so was the year prior to conscious pharmaceutical theft, important to respect. I wrote a book I partly finished, with someone I know today, could be cast by another young fellow, able to reflect the dreamer kind of energy we sometimes struggle to embody, because we all have lost faith in ourselves.

Good, we get it. You have lost faith in yourself.

Have you lost faith in God, though?

Are you willing to bite the hand that could feed you again, once you drop the baggage of never having fitted in?

These are the questions of the year, which will day by day, produce a unique response in every single human being, the more they contemplate the emotional hurdles, being released and accepted. The challenges of our time, are ours to fix as a conglomerate.

The fact that we all feel obligated to do everything at the same time, shows God that yes….we are conscious, but are we aware of having to sometimes stand up for a group of people whom we know we can’t physically meet, hold, hug and show, by cooking and cleaning up with them, how empowering a patient soul can be, in a time of change?

I work with Spirits who have passed and learned about the differences Medical Services in Outskirt Regions, create. MSF, OXFAM, UN, WHO, UNICEF AND UNESCO CHARITY CASES, have been companies these Spirits faced. Which thanks to my medical background, gives me with my gift, the ability to see how they were treated, why they were treated in that way and if treatment was completed as protocolled, condexed and indexed, per analysis and commandment of the companies ideals, ethics and standards. Companies have promised higher quality I was shown…..without anyone checking up and disclosing the amount of heresay, hype and stigmatizations, preventing from better quality appearing, despite it being dispatched, logistically encoded and shipped to produce good in the world. That is how the times we are struggling to stay alive in, have overshadowed the potential of a healing soul, if it continues to see how products were indeed sent forth to empower humanity, despite them being apprehended along borders and suddenly, nobody knows how painful the reality of self-awareness becomes, because nobody can feed the patient, treating the environment with it’s condition, in the only way it can.

The loss of words in Philanthropy, once you see bodies laid out next to each other in rows, makes you want to bash your head into the wall, if self-destructive or do something stupid. Should you feel triggered by what I have written, then please remember, my intent is never to play on how much pain you feel, but show you, that I have gone through the mountain, around the mountain, turned the other cheek and I still seem to have lost my will to live and be conscious at times. Usually because I keep fighting the kind of fight I never prepared for. The one where I never believe in myself, quite enough, to make the step and make sure I break free, from being taken advantage of, every single time I keep trying to make it, again and again. You can now see, that I have written extensively, compassionately, bluntly and honestly. I had to. I rarely tips-toe around things I have been thinking about, while I mumble them in time to hear my voice, reflect the very order of what I am trying to convey.


God Blessed us.

God blesses us.

In ways where we know, only God, would know how to reach us, in the way we inevitably allow ourselves to be reached.

May you continue walking in the peace of your dreams and protect what is worth protecting.

That being your mind,

your body and your holy soul.



-Greetings to all Archive Keepers of the Grid of Gaia-

It is I, Metarantulon, awake and alive to consciously begin the new year’s review per meditative resonance on Earth. I am stressed, tired and indecisive. Which is important to mention as without the informing of your state, the receptivity of the Universe lacks the necessary courage to give you freedom, faith and friendship. As predicted, the guidance was meant to enter the light in one go. This is only possible, if all participants are conscious of the endurance it would take, in order to present the world, with forms of understanding conscious theft and the inability to remember the reason for it. That I am working on cracking multiple mysteries in one go, serves my current status of being free, time blessed and able to understand the challenges of what money in a new way of suffering, can also suddenly mean, for the one living one, is the reason I have been absent for a long time. I can understand those who respond in an emotional way, without really grasping the intention of my wording and how I intend, based on my composure, to express my thoughts regarding universal evolution. My angelship is nothing to consider with pride, envy or jealousy. Unless you wish to spend your time, regretting the fact that the human brain is capable of a lot more than it is allowed to be capable of, because we live in times where hurting someone’s feelings, because you might have used a smarter approach towards life, is suddenly punishable by alienation and that is precisely where I came through to advise, guide, read and channel exceptional sources of inner strength, who have known the pressure that life can suddenly leave you hanging with, without making things work. We angels like to fool individuals, sometimes to the point of them finally donating, finally dancing to a song they have been yearning to and finally finding a way to bring forth the understanding, that God will always find a way to humor you, whilst saddening you so instantly, you may believe to have the right to ignore the bliss of sometimes feeling more naturally inclined to develop.

It is also possible to say, that I need to segment and order, the amount of aura debris I continue to pick up on.

-Women who are unhappy, because men are unhappy with their physical changes and so, go on to making their lives hell.

-Men who are unhappy and feel the need to pester women about it, who are alone and in that moment, could simply approach the situation from an ‘ungrateful’ perspective, rather than being able to face culprits who prefer to molest and harass, knowing fully well, the law will support them.

-Children, who are so unhappy, they ruin the psychological development of anything and everyone around them.

I had to put up with that shit, in just about every single area of my life. Shit is that thing that happens, that never had to, but it did. Shit is the moment your reality, is something you no longer want to live or feel like you need to live.

I have met with many who believe to still have to form me, how I speak of pain and why I choose to do it in the way that I do.

I need no forming, thank you.

I need no formatting, thank you.

I am myself and so, currently the strongest identity in both Heavenly Spheres of Intellect Use and the Earthly Grid you call the Ozone. That I have been blessed to enter any needed dimension of reality for the sake of God’s path in restructuring many conditions, is something that is finally coming in handy. I have begun to generalize a city, a colour that brings up years of anger and being lied to and then, suddenly having to accept, that God must hate me, for having given me so much to deal with. I believe if God hates me, then somewhere along the line, that too, will resurface in my meditative analysis of what the fucking point was, of allowing my Aura, to be channeled.

I am the only angel in Heaven when unearthed or of Heaven when conscious, who can work, while being channeled by another physical entity, to present someone with support and advice. I can prove anything I know, I am designed to.

What happens once The Divine Compass Channeling Group Response, is altered and we shift with Elders coming through now? What happens, once you recognize how lonesome your human path will always be, until you accept that God has to approach you from all sides of the world and your dimensional state of reality, because you walked away in every single form possible?

What happens once you realize, you are unmoved, by the sudden appearance of a kind gesture by a dark soul?

Do you intend to see the dark soul, gesturing something it never felt the need to?

Do you focus on that which is gestured?

I ask myself the very same questions I am to ask others, when able to link into their energy fields and shift. That I have spent unpredictable amounts of money on numerous occasions, has left me with a hole in my heart. I become angry, when realizing, that my work even here, could easily be bypassed as emotional writing and never a channeling of exceptional and forthcoming quality.

That must be jealousy…..ahhhh…..something I am happy to remove from this portal.

Now as we look at things, working in their own way, how do you then start to develop the need to express your independence?

How hard have you had to work in the past, to get someone’s attention and was it really, ever worth it?

Was dehumanizing your intelligence, worth it?

Was letting go of yourself to please someone, worth it?

Was leaving important bills to pay and running after unworthy souls, worth it?

Was it worth, ruining your entire future, because the hatred of another person, pushed you to the point of insanity?


I have been moved by needing to trust and I have trusted each move I have made, in terms of treating myself with less than what a woman of my class, status, academic level and social classification, is able to still settle with. I am complacent? No. I am conscious and so, I know that when something can afford something else, that in time, the true gifts will resurface and so, they do and many of my teams, can send me through their hearts, a signal that something, at least something, worked out properly.

The ability to teach another human being to tell the difference between someone who is lying to me or not.

I am a human lie detector and rather stunning in being able to lie myself.

From saving my life thanks to that ability to being able to save another human being, my patient’s life, I would then have to say, that gave me time to recover since December 2012-January 2016. There are many challenges we have faced, connected investors of change and predicting the career challenges of those who thought they had seen it all. I have worked with multiple sources, as you have seen, provided with patience a lot more contrast in terms of Spiritual work and so, have given my Science buddies, every fucking reason to tap into their own gifts and bless others with the time to go home, be someone and love someone for a change.

Work, can cut you off from what you are working for.

Work, can suddenly be the reason you never care about what you inevitably have to work for.

Work, can be the reason you hate going home.

Home, can be the reason you trash your job, the prospects it gives you and the patience to give it time.

Home, can be the reason work is possible.

Home, is the only thing you have, when everybody else, kicks you out of their momentary phases to give a shit and so, I do prophecize one thing……

We all are going to find the kind of work, being done, to strengthen the generations coming and going. I have worked dearly on challenges I know, have shaped me since Muelheim an der Ruhr, Duesseldorf, Berlin, Haarlem and Amsterdam. The meetings I hold with Spirit, are given to me, as so to balance the all knowing state of being with Angels, who for as long as stupidity needs some attention, truly do not have one good thing to look forward to. It is maybe something funny at first and eventually, it breaks your heart,

trying to give a shit about your own life, when the rest of the world, falls short of accepting the time to grow from pain and work together towards challenges which need repercussive reflection and the ability to give in a more genuine way, before threatening people into doing it.

I do believe, that in time, your cynical expectations of what an angel, a black woman excelled in fine arts, medical structured procedure executions and dance, is supposed to look like and be, will be hidden, recovered and uncovered as the main reason some of you might walk the path of Jesus, who was kicked out of his home, for no longer allowing another human being to degrade them. That people continue to believe the Scriptures are not reflected in everyday life already, is beyond me. I have little patience for idiots who start off the journey with one prophet, only to want to hop on the ride of the other one. Then three centuries later, you re-incarnate and want to tell me, going your own way, was the best thing to have done since day one.


The way I perceive time, is through the halting of fluidity. I can stop the way I only, can perceive time, but I have never been able to stop time itself.

You can’t stop something, that is particular to your astrophysical, mathematical and logical accessibility capacity and how you process life. That is to say, if you are only a participant in life, then be grateful that the Weather and keeping it nice and beautiful for everyone, was never one worry to still stake care of. You might be able to influence on your part, the duality of climate change, but until you know who really controls the climate, you simply have to make do with it.

You also, can’t stop time, which has been issued by physical propellance, to collide with another form of energy, if all you do, is sit around and wait for change.

I can read with my heart, into the Book of Life, despite only being designed to see when people pass on and if they will make it, when searching for God per reflection and not deflection.

That is a gift, that comes with Life.

The ability to see when it ends,

how it ends,

why it ends and why it is supposed to be cherished, for as long as you may have that life.


My life,

therefor, might be envied to a certain extent, yet please respect my emotional growth and recovery, when allowing automatic writing, to be THE way you wish to be seen,

being a Spiritualist.

Signed, the Geneticist.

So spiritually linked, I still can’t believe it.

The patient Professor of Arts, Music and Medicine- Izaak Nazaretha Trinity Faraday

Welcome to the new year,

where we will be in retrogradal alignment with intuits.

Be sure to log on and link in.


Ask and Listen. What you receive will awaken you.


I welcome you with Love and Light.
We understand you are now questioning the upcoming month, in terms of what is to come and what is to go. What is to go, is the idea, that your goals do not have a relevance to them, despite seeming way out of this world. But when you consider the odds of making it and you wonder about your emotions, then also, reconsider the odds of indeed, making it and understanding you are part of a divine plan. This plan, is to enhance the receptivity of life and how you thus, communicate and help others move on.
Moving on, is an integral part of your existence. Here, you will appreciate the new breath of fresh air, on a new day. You will suddenly look beyond your path and find a way to embark on journies you may have previously doubted. Wherever your path may intertwine with certainty, so are we ready to reveal the next few realizations coming with synchronicity, dependency and repeated compassion for who you are. Now, the ego, is not a problematic part of your personality, the deeper you choose to look into it. Your outlook, related to the ego, is a problem starter, if triggered by insecurities.
To comprehend, what it means to be in charge is to understand that your leadership skills are magnificent, you simply have to get in touch with them again. We say again, as this is how good you have been before. So many of us, wonder where our paths are leading to. It is not about where they are leading to, but how they are. Once we get that, we get that our divinity, cannot be measured by words and numbers. We are infinitely connected to our potential, as our sacredness, wants us to evolve.
It is evolution, that changes the currency of kindness. We are designed to become smarter, work harder and love more. Except for so many people, the problem lies in not having enough or befitting challenges, that can measure the true capacity of any divine human being. From being a child, to growing up as a teenager, anger can and will have a long term effect. You will understand over time, that divinity, comes in every skin color, race, gender and heritage. We can unlock the divinity in many people who will fight the good fight, by not fighting at all.
We all want change, we really, really do. So, Heaven says, find a way, to love what used to give you a headache. This means, do not suddenly turn a new page on events that have passed, but find a way, to love you, throughout the process or method of reflection and you will find a stronger bond with each other. Love and loving one another, is a holy path and not many understand, just how badly, we need it. We, if we have faced sufficient amounts of negativity, begin to withdraw and become angry. Our spiteful natures, resurface and the pounding fear of having messed up in life, follows us. We cannot live a life in shame, says the Divine Heaven I serve. We are designed for a purpose, that will be revealed by itself.
This is how people over time understand, that you cannot ‘save’ someone. You can only be the best person for yourself and live as an example of confidence, patience, insight and wisdom. To co-operatively reconnect with Nature, is to find a passionate purpose in life again. As I have Spirit Guides, so do you. Remember, your Spirit Guides, are there to help you get to where you need to be. They won’t just take you there! They will help you out of confusion and sometimes, confuse you intentionally, for the sake of clarity, always winning in terms of priority and preference.
It is therefor a wish, says Heaven, that we listen and ask, ask and listen to that, which makes our Souls sing. We are meant to understand, equal love, through Spirit. The holy Spirit, cannot help, but love, equally. It will never favor one or the other. It will never speak of sadness or anger or the regret we have faced in the past, as the primary concern for the future. Spirit, if passing through to the Light for many years now, asks to communicate with you, then listen. Because Spirit has found a way, to show us the way. The only way. And that way, is through love and love only.
It is a hardship, believing because people were hard on us, that we were never loved at all. But love, especially tough love, is something your guides, need to teach you as do mine me, that life, is sacred. And every moment, you have before you, is powerful.
So, you have a choice. Choose to be controlled by the seemingly obvious use of Will by others. Or try to hunt Power. But in the end, you will find a way to use Power, skillfully and willfully, use your inner depth, to forgive.
You will see, that by forgiving, your ability to sleep, will be returned. You will also see by releasing doubt, that you will feel lighter and more connected to life. It is of our Will, says Heaven, that Power and use of it, unite. And not only that, find a way, to appreciate the use of your intuition and use it no more, for the sake folly, play or gambling.
Our lives are a divine vortex of energy. This vortex, teaches us, the significance of peaceful interaction with life. As do my Spirit Guides want me to improve my Health, so do yours, want the same, for you.
With Love,

Don’t be so hard on yourself….


Blessings to you all.
We are going to talk about the differences between various energy sources and why they play such an important role in your Aura. You all,are learning to embrace the fluidity of feeling, but also the clarity of knowing at the same time. To glow from within, is to understand the power of change most beautifully. Many of us, are reaching a breaking point. The same old, is no longer a reason to pay attention, but feel under-challenged and misguided by your own intentions. This is where our hearts are begging us to become more observant and more compassionate, when we see what we may not have, but we would certainly like it.
Our beings are designed to want with all it is, was and will be. Love is not just telling someone you love them, but showing them in every single possible way, that they made the right decision in being chosen openly by you. There is a great fear in youthful humans, who do not like having relationships in public, but in private, you covet them and fight for them with all you have. Well, people like these, need to remember, that God does not distinguish between public and private, but love, loved in awareness of it’s own potential. Our potential, is something so many cannot comprehend, because in this time, to follow potential, costs money.
And not everyone can just simply pay a certain price for what they have, especially if this money, is their last or first. It is truly money, that appears to be a stumbling block when it comes to realizing your dreams. That seems to be the only way we can explain that it does not matter how much money you have, it either way, still matters how you let that money, speak of your confidence or how you in confidence, choose to relate to your finances. With success, love should be there, right? Well, it doesn’t work like that, we are being told. Love, will find a way, when your success is imminent or already increasing. This is not to torture you, but teach you the essence of multi-dimensional tasking and understanding, you cannot live without love or success or both, if that is what aches your soul so much, but you just do not get how or why.
Our Souls, want the full package, this is why settling for someone, can have such huge consequences. Every person you meet, has a dream. Now over the years, these dreams turn into a series of nightmares, because soon enough, every person find a blockage in pursuing their dreams. People, no matter how you may feel about them, are not your blockage. Your fear, your inability to let go when it really matters and could help, your anxiety and your complicated background, could all be reasons, why you may feel your blocked life is then thus amplified, but in truth, you are simply more aware of the fact that you control your life and nobody else.
People and their opinions. Well, the light is honest and says, take what you get from people and only modify what they say, in your heart. As the heart, will immediately know if there is judgment being cast against you or not. People are entitled to have their own opinion, but you do not have to listen to these opinions at all. It is good to not want to change others or how they choose to work with life, but always remain honest and the light, will help you find a way out. You will soon enough, recognize divine courage, in the form of Archangels, stepping forward and proving, that our time, can lead to a sense of imperfection and self-destruction. To those who harm themselves, please find a way to balance your pain and consider, just what a close ally could do for you.
Someone who comprehends eating disorders, substance abuse and domestic violence in one go, must have dealt with it, somewhere along the line. Well, a lot of us know all three or all of them, without having to think really hard about it. A past connected to these kind of things, can make you cold towards new friendships and what they could teach you about sacrificing your own true Spirit, to find real love. It is real love in your heart, that shows you the significance of paying attention and making good things work for you. But this is harder than anything else we have ever had to do, so many say. Well, your body, no matter how run down some may feel it is, is still functional. It is something you can restore, repair and reconnect with. Your body is a gift from the preserving side of the Divine.
This way, your body will always embrace healing, recovery and rehabilitation, if it is done with a seriousness and compassion for who and how you are. And still, so many are afraid of simply opening up about emotional blockages, as they too, have dealt with people who betrayed their trust and talked about it. This is where Medicine can become more than just a friend to you. Medicine has a law, that the Health Practitioner, has no legal right, to disclose your condition, nor the stages of your recovery, with that Practitioner, at any given moment. People still walk around talking about things that are very private. So if you are afraid of what regular people will think, then perhaps reconsider what speaking to a Health Practitioner can do for you. Not only are they bound by the law of silence towards third parties, they are persecuted, should this law be disrespected. Only if the court of law requests it, can medical information be disclosed.
So in truth, Medicine can help you find a starting ground in fixing your life, especially if you feel like you want to live, you just don’t know for what or why. The limbo of loneliness, as this state is called, can easily destroy what little faith you might still have in God and Life. Do not let it and remember, a break or pause in action, is not a reason to become sad and disinterested in life again, it is to teach you to get ready and change your life as so much, can now with compassion, flow through for you and help you achieve what you need to. And still, the only way to a beautiful future, is if you trust yourself enough to work for it and work only for you. Yes, companies can boast about you working for them, but the one thing every soul needs to grasp about bigots, is that again, this behavior has nothing to do with you, but more the soul that feels it needs the attention of being heard and seen.
Again, do not worry for those who gossip, ridicule or judge your path. You have a hard time trying to stay sane, when you count all the unhappy hearts, hurting others. But you have a good time or an even better one, once you understand that your path in life, is a sacred one. And no one will really get why you do things, but you will because they make you happy, bring your energy into awareness and ground your essence. You will find a power in your body, that will give your being the go to challenge what is out there and live it. Our lives, are depending on kindness and still, we ask you not to depend on others at first glance. But truly to remember, you are biggest carer for your happiness and that is all that matters.
We wish you in the month of August, enough stamina, kindness and courage, to pursue your dreams. Do not care if others have achieved what you want to. Take that as a blessed source to perfect your own self and enjoy the power of self-love.
You manifest your reality.
With Love,

What might appear to be negative, might make things positive the more you trust!

11220140_10153569718653304_2846329228747383769_n Divine Greetings of Sacred Acceptance to you. Great changes have been predicted and they are occurring with great desire for all of us to realize, that potential is nothing to shame, hide or be unaware of. It is potential that has marked the greatest advancements in our time. It took dreamers who were isolated, domestically hated and punished at times, to develop this world we live in. The conflictual past that so many of you share with the Darkness of the Soul, is a valid and important reason for questioning the intentions of the divine. Our beings are reconstructing multiple avenues of thought, so that our intelligence can now begin looking beyond the sometimes aggressive questioning of the workings of the divine and why it may and is, so often noncomprehending when we reflect. We ask you, question the illusion of your time rather than what those who have loved you before or who have in Spirit grown to like you, would like to help you with. You have a future in this world, that for so many reasons, is unpredictable, because only you, can find the path that will release you from your past and the sadness you feel it has locked you in. Our beings, are divine vessels of information. And that means, we will, whether we are conscious of it or not, we continue to take in information, through energy waves, that deconstruct, reconstruct and sometimes, miscommunicate what our intentions really are. The Light is now asking you to question the bigger picture. You have one for a reason and it is opening up to you, so powerfully, because you have a purpose. So ask us, says the light, what are our visions based on. Are they based on the intention to see you struck by misfortune? Or are they designed to teach you the reality of your potential? And why you sometimes cannot believe in it? It is understandable to one extent, that you may have lost your faith in all things good. But one thing we must be called into awareness of, is also the inherent ability to create and cause misfortune for others. We must understand on the other hand though, that the divine Light of the Spirit world, especially when you serve it, will flourish with the challenges and ego-based behavior others put out. In fact, this behavior is wanted, as the individual that is judged by others, thrives with whatever is brought their way. It is good for Sensitives to test people as they are tested and to accept, that in a concise way, you will find enough valuable material, to either trust someone or not. You must understand, says the Light, that trust, cannot be so easily repaired for a reason. You must find a way to accept the ambiguity and somehow the direct relevance of what we say. Our bodies, our human bodies, are felt and preserved through the foundation of memory. When something feels good, you will remember the many stages of just how good that thing or experience felt. For those who have a background in addiction or even dealing with substance abuse in friends or family, that truth can be a raw reason as to why selfishness and the consequences of selfish behavior, affected and do affect you so much. In others, disappointment, can quickly come back. We are beings of a strong depth, that hurts our feelings, when we see others being attacked or hurt. As a Sensitive, you will notice how many people will slip into the casual nonchalance or benevolence, in regard to the pain and suffering of billions of people. There will always be times, where one will question the Sanity of God and if God truly cares. But the divine Guardians of Gaia are clear on this, they sing this with such accuracy into the marrow of our integrity and back bone when it comes to accepting and embracing others. They say, We are not robots. We are not controlled by some device, that only activates you when something far and distant out there wants to. We are also not enslaved to suffering, by Karma. It is all consequence. And if we can understand that our subconscious so called consequences, affect many, many people, then we can slowly love our existence and appreciate the many others we may share this planet with. Being loyal to Nature, does not mean stopping at being a tree hugger. It is something you need to understand very quickly, entails also being a loyal love for the many evolved natures that others, have evolved into. This is something where emotional development, has transformed many dark places, into beacons of hope, ethical standards being restored and respect returning in the form of working together. We really do want to be so smart and keep this planet in a recuperative, regenerative and re-connective way/state. This means, if God should be so good, then we might through goodness and love given unconditionally, return, whether your present mindset can conceive the very understandable presence and purpose of reincarnation or not. Family loves family and the lesson we learn with a lot of pain and anxiety, can actually be accepted in a whole new way. Friends can and are, family. They have an ability, to feed you the kind of food for thought, you cannot buy. You cannot find it in a casual or intentionally aggressive way. And even if we might not be friends with other people’s friends, we deserve to treat them like family. For some, a dark past in their families, will create an Aura of suspicion within them. They will cast judgement and fear with their actions, as so to project a sense of control that cannot and will never be understood. Here, depression and a loss of the balance required to proceed within spiritual and human evolution, is lacking due to a structured way of thinking, that can only serve the individual and not those it affects, in a com-memorable way. You need to learn to share, says the Light. Spirit guides, are assigned to identities that need a lot of emotional support. Be they grateful for it or not, each Soul has a purpose and will be led to it, if it contradicts it’s own intentional thoughts and attitude towards life by pure consequence. We are beings that have a vast knowledge base of events that have gone down in history, as a sign that mankind, can think as one. We only find patience to be the problem, when we are not faced directly with it. Yet over time, patience can heal the kind of wounds we think we are cursed into. A curse, in many nations, is sent as a lesson. This will be hard for some to understand, once their conditioned and generalized association of things begins. Strip your instinctive fears away. As the first kind are only of the mind. Strip away the second layer of deep judgment, linking you to victimizing your existence and then, ask yourself again how something like this has already been going on for centuries. It is difficult to not sound heartless or cold when reviewing energy sent around the world, when you are emotionally vulnerable. And still vulnerability can be sent throughout the Universe, by the intentions of others. Either to overcome or to remain incompatible with negativity. And so, over the eons of mankind uniting and parting based on theological thought process and conditioned commercialized fear, so have we been confronted and are being confronted with the prospect and potential of money, controlling the end stages of human evolution. As do we have the blessing of creating life, so do many refer to the physical ability to end a physical life, as a curse. We must understand intentional behavior has little do with Karma, finding you and forcing you out of your will to hurt others. Intentional behavior, has consequences. Through common sense, compassion and a moment to think, so may we indeed find a strength within us to fight for our kind and no longer choose to intentionally fight each other. This war with wisdom, is leading mankind into an abyss, that will feel endlessly painful to even think of. And your weight, your mental health, your emotional and spiritual health, will not like why you turned your back on your own, individualized potential. Time is given to us now, to look into our Souls and give God, the one true thing God and only God could ever want and that, is unconditional love. For our love, is real. And the reality of what honest love can do, can truly, take your breath away. Be it for the very first time, in a long time or for the very last you will ever see. We are all One and will eventually, through a coming together and aligning of events, realize that. It will be entirely up to you, whether you can work with that or let it work for you. With Love, Archangel Azrael.

We are paying attention…..Are You?



Divine Blessings to you all.
We greet you with this fine day, knowing your paths are aligning faster than ever. They need to, as many of you and us, are coming together to bring about a sense of peace again. The non-peace concerns us greatly. But so does the awareness that we deserve to counteract those who promote non-peace, all for the sake of financial gain.
You are being called in the next month, to come to terms with your mental vibration. Not that this is the only one, responsible for manifesting your reality. In fact, each and every single emotion, thought, idea, concern, feeling, desire, insight and understanding, contributes to you getting to see the reality they all combined, create.
By taking your spirit seriously, so does the Universe that guides us intuitively, see where they can assist you. Let nothing force you to believe, that your dreams are invalid. For each dream, was once already lived. We are not seeing anything new in the next couple of centuries. But the way things will be done, will be very new. Indeed, very raw to the eye of comfort and those who believe, you never really have to try harder than you are working already.
Give it time and slowly ask yourself, what are your dreams really trying to say. Are they asking you to be of help to others or are they asking you to remember, what it felt like, being loved? Your dreams, to get straight to it, are either arriving or returning, to get you out of the nightmare of self-doubt. You cannot live a life, banished in self-induced fear and believe you will reach new heights. Your soul, cannot thrive with fear and it will in the last few days of July, prove that very fact with quick power but divine timing to you.
It is important to understand, that we are the generation of Angels. We are not only angelic in form and function, we are divine vessels of information. And every bit of information that crosses your path, is a sign you are meant to embark on a journey of self-reflection. The events of yours and every one else’s past, cannot be reversed. Do not let this logical fact and still sometimes, hard to accept fact, deter you from your path in life.
Life is an exceptional gift, that can and is given with the desire to teach the divine Sacredness we know as Heaven on Earth, patience. It is through patience, that we listen to our minds, but follow our hearts. The mind is easily swayed, but the heart not. If we can manage to appreciate the power of our true hearts desire, then our paths not only change with drastic longing for a brighter reality. They also become our life’s work, with such excellence and devotion.
We never have to look far, if we are looking for a best friend, says the light. As the friend you seek in others, is already, in you. Think about it. You have come to Earth, most definitely through difficult and even heartless ways, to change something this world needs to see change. Humanity is very kind. Humanity, has not only a second or a millionth chance to change things. Humanity, is our gateway to fixing this planet and how important services are run.
The councils, surrounding our divine Planet Earth, such as Star Groups, Masters and Archangels, deserve to return to a planet in full swing of recuperation, reparation and reconnectivity in practice. We need to believe first, that Earth is worth the work. It is, but personal experiences, can make it look like we do not have to try harder. We do. Actually, without trying harder, we don’t really deserve the status, love, food, care, abodes and sheltered ways of experiencing human life.
It is in trying harder, going further or the extra mile, that our humanity and the ability to love it from within, is returned. God tells us today, that life on Earth, is changing. And sometimes, just hearing that, means hope, is healing us and so many others who really did, need a lot of time to reconsider the odds of individuals changing this planet, based on having enlightened very quickly. We must ask ourselves, where our patience is leading us, as a race, as a nation, as a species and as creatures that CANNOT and WILL NOT live without Mother Nature.
Take your time today and begin assembling your goals. Then, understand that a plan, can change the validity and relevance of your success, immensely. You need to understand many things now, but patiently. And as you do, your heart, begins to feel oneness. It this oneness, that feels like home. And how do they say so fondly?
Home, is truly where the heart is.
So welcome home, divine! Welcome to a world, where in a year from now, ten years from now and for the rest of your life, things, will always, be changing. You need that, We need that and so do the divine children of the Light of Peace, Love and Happiness. It is unto our children, whether here or coming or already returned to the divine, in whichever way, that this planet, is meant to be healed for.
Our children, signify a divine development within humanity and humility. Many children, exude kindness, but at a very high price. We deserve to aid children with abilities as well as disabilities and not segregate them, based on their nationality, political status or their true identity, once they too, have awoken.
Allow your end of July, to be the reason you fly.
Ask yourselves, why, has time taken you down the road of reflection. As with this, you have come to understand that love, is real. Love is very, very real. And a realistic experience, can only reveal itself as loving and true to the cause. We must find a way now, to reconnect intentions. As with patience, these can also, become a good reason to try harder.
So when your children, question your paths and where your intentions are, reveal to them only this:
”My intentions, are what finance your education. My intentions, are what make sure you and your siblings can always receive whatever is needed, through kindness, patience, respect and humility. My love for you, is endless and it is good that way. I have enough insight, to guide you, but also allow you to find the guidance that fits you, once you are of age or aged in your patience enough to understand, that you will always be loved by me.”
You see, divine Ladies and Gentlemen, we come forth with such precision and insight, that is meant to rock this world. We need people who work so hard, you question the human capacity to create life, love and lessons learned for others. So allow your Spirits to find you ready to guide them. For mediums, we would like to add, that you have the power to allow great sadness through you. So when you think about Karmic Relief, try to remove the idea, that from perpertrator to victim, revenge is the answer.
It is most surely not and we ask again, to review what vengeance really makes you feel like. As if you wish, you have the power to rewrite the receptivity of violence, in your DNA. And whatever you do, it will show, that you care, cared and will care, for as long as your days may be blessed on planet Earth.
Thank you.

What you are willing to give, you will eventually with Love, receive.


Blessed You are and welcome to a new message.
There are new developments occurring on Planet Earth, that cannot perhaps be explained, but they will be self-explanatory as soon as time, patience and the wisdom to accept who and what one is, has been revealed as within reach from within oneself. We are asking you in this sacred message, to remember fondly, the dreams you had in the past.
Now remember by which energy you went about to make them happen.
Do you still remember how you used to deal with setbacks?
This is where we meet you and embrace your new self, as the old self, fades into the nothingness we were once told we come from. Human consciousness, stems from a frequency that allowed inter-cellular analysis to happen with swift and divine timing. We must understand how important the Golden Age of Grace is to be. We also, need to embrace the divine unique beauties now coursing our timelines, so we may align our intentions to overcome inertia.
This is one of the conditions that medically, can appear as depression. When in fact, it is the fear of action, that leads to feeling. And from feeling, inter-connectivity springs with precise desire to withdraw sadness and replace it with insight. For some, the fear of being Happy is very real. They are afraid of it, because so many feel like that feeling never lasts long enough to really be real and worth the time. As with sadness, the only possible or relatable feeling one can seem to use, insight comes.
Well, we are here to confirm that it is quite the opposite and only in moments of fear, do we slowly embark on a journey of reflection and introspection. It is a goal for so many people to use their psychic abilities for the good and so, restore the idea that mankind does not share an inter-galactic ability to change the course of time.
Time is where fear cements itself in our consciousness and can play out a million and two different scenarios. These scenarios can range from pure delusion to fearful experiences, being triggered again, such as in persons overcoming PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a difficult journey for each and everyone in it. The symptoms range from anxiety to a psychotic state of mind, that leaves little room for kindness and honesty. You must know this, divine Reader, in a way, so many of us, keep looking for obvious symptoms to change life or help others, when in fact, it remains to be the in-obvious, non-visual but extensively damaging symptoms such as panic attacks that occur silently, leading mankind down a spiral of unhappiness.
We must therefor understand that emotions do play a major role in teaching us the validity of change. As with change, we understand a strong current of hope, now flowing with immense power, throughout the core of the Earth. Our planet, has for centuries, been orbiting the Heart of the Divine. This heart, for many seers, appears unhappy, ruthless and unkind. The truth is, God and the divine Goddess, thrive within our ability to call home our true heart’s place and not fear the sacred outcome of every cyclic occurrence in the Universe.
Cycles are a good thing to be at peace with. And still, as life can be given, conceived and taken in so many difficult to process ways, so must we truly cross the limits others have set in the past, regarding political indifference. This is the Golden Era of Empathy and angelic beings awakening to who they are. That the divine has many supporters in the Universe, is a truth and so, the supportive soul groups, very much needed to teach us all individually, respect and forgiveness, are strengthening their approach to reaching us through our dreams.
Forgiving is something the entire month of July will be working towards, so that the Guardians of Galactic Generosity, can continue to steer information our way. Starseeds, Indigo’s ( Children and Adults), Angels and Archangels, are being summoned to experience life from a more free flowing perspective. We need to understand the importance of sharing our experience in a kind and sincere way. As only so, can we embrace who we really are.
Thank you to all who continue to seek information through our guidance.
With Love,

The Divine Compass for all Channelers, Channels and Mediums.

Welcome Home.

Get ready. You are needed. And the divine knows exactly how, why and where. So get in touch with you. It is time.


Divine Greetings to you all.
It is I,
Archangel or the Arch of Light and Love, Azrael.
Today, we look at the future and why it means so much to you.
Potential, without commitment, means little in the Universe. How can this be? It is simple. Yet rarely simply accepted, for being something you must interact with, in order to grasp your purity and your ability to love yourself. Dreams are a wonderful way of reaching you. The light is excited today, as it understands the power, resting in your budding chest of Hope, able to divert it’s attention, to things that truly do, play an important role in how you thus, continue to evolve.
Welcome, divine.
The Chakra System, for many healers, is currently being discovered again. You must be honest with the desire to change before change, finds it’s own desire in making choices for you. This is where we unite and begin to observe the empowering truth of forgiveness. We all are being asked, to forgive. And without delay, spread the relevance of indifference in our time. As with it, we find great compassion, clarity and an ability to let go of the past.
We all, truly all of us, have a past that when we think about it, can make us cringe and regret the desperation by which so many unhappy choices were made of. Yes, you too are beginning to see things you did, without knowing the full consequences they would have on your Subconscious system of interpreting and shining your light into the world. Again, consider carefully if you have not already, met with divinity in so many ways, that you cannot help but be in awe of all that is one.
As you too, Child of the Sacred, are of this oneness.
To be needed, can be a wonderful experience as well. You may question how God’s divinity is seen in the Heavens within us. But the truth is, you must question yourself and how close you wish to be, with God. For with God, you will find purpose. With God, you will be led back into the Realm of Resilience. Where our divine Mother Goddess, rests patiently, but not happily in the desire to teach us, who we are and what we truly need to be.
Status, dear Starseeds, is what you long for. While the indigo children, blue aura carriers of divine joy, ask for nothing more, than the natural Order that this world, had promised a long, long time ago. We need to review our options and ask, if Life is perhaps not the surest way to Death and Death being the most feared phase of any life form. As when we ask ourselves to be more aware, so do we develop a lot of trust and peace, as we cross limits we had previously thought, were more than adequate to oblige by.
With Love, I ask you now, where are you? Where in life, do you find yourself to be? At a crossroad? Unhappy? Stuck? Miserable? Depressed? Angry? Faithless? Whichever one it is, find the moment today and ask yourself,
How long, have I been here?
How long, do I intend to be here?
And what is my being thriving on, while I continue to believe, that where I am, is where I need to be?
Yes, indeed, Children of the Sacred Light of Love, we must unite our services and question who developed the Source of Intelligence and divine Courage to keep on going. It was not your mother, father, sister, brother or friend. It was God. And that is something that might motivate you in the coming days, to speak with God and find victory in your losses. For each loss, gave you something you would have otherwise, walked away from. And realizing that you want more in life, is not the problem. It is judging your soul, for being hungry today, that is the problem.
It could be a far fetched dream, speaking of World Peace, but again, I ask you to question the form of peace you practice. In fact, I also question you today, all of you, in behalf of Heaven and all that makes it the most beautiful place to work from. I ask you, are you ready to be brilliant.
Let me rephrase that.
Are you aware of the need for your brilliance? As what you are, you were and will be, for the rest of your divine conscious life. Be it in the physical world or the Afterlife. God, is your fire, your air and your water, able to bring you back down to Earth, so that you, can love and be loved, more lovingly.
Indeed, making sense to who you are, is extremely important. As when you do, beginning to love others, can only reveal itself as necessary and absolutely essential in your path to come. Love has it’s limits. And so, we ask you to respect these limitations that create a sense of privacy and protection for all you encounter in life.
Why question love? Because some have called their energy loving and we all knew, that was not the case. Many of you, like I have been, have been betrayed. And for what, hey? For a lesson in kindness and just how important it is to maintain it. Your abusing peers, family or co-workers, deserve to fear the divine Christ, able to ignite it’s attitude within you, no matter where you are.
Pain is a true teacher of perseverance. Whether you are running, swimming or singing, you need to train that body of yours, to enjoy it eventually. And still, many do not attempt actions that promote a stable health system, as it does not come with fame or the kind of acknowledgement you feel, is appropriate.
Be careful what you wish for, says Heaven, through the I AM, I am made of.
My body, is like yours, sacred. It is a divine vessel and able to conduct multiple forms of insight into every inch of the Universe we share.
This message, is to remind you, that all you are, have and will have, is most definitely to be appreciated. It is so, because without gratitude, the gates of Heaven have a pretty good reason to ask you to pay more attention to life and why you at one point gave up, gave in and gave it away.
So please, do not let others control your life. Do not let another man or woman, still have so much power over you, that you feel you have no shot at happiness. Because the truth is, you do.
You really do.
And that, is most certainly not a long shot. It is a Bull’s Eye feeling, predestined for your path in life.
Be well,

”We love you too much to you leave you!”


Good Day to you all!
It is out of pure love and Light, that we ajoin our galactic forces to bring forth a new message of intuitive clarity and motivation for the time to come. July is now forming into a source of absolute emotional recognition and peace. Even though so many of us are not experiencing peace as we should know it and feel it, so is one thing clear. We are givers of divine strength and this is how a lot of us are now reaching for new heights. These heights stem from the desire to overcome trouble, pain, fear and many anxiety-related illnesses.
Shortness of Breath, for example, is a clear symptom of your body being in a state of distress. For so long, we have become accustomed to not listening to our bodies and how they function. Some of us, have a past with addiction, abuse and people who never appreciated our sacred innocence as it was given to us. This innocence, is your inner child and the holiness it represents itself as, to your Higher Self. For some, the Higher Self, is a compassionate, non-judgmental consciousness, able to differ between Ego-based fears and Selfless giving.
It is today, that the divine Heavens, ask us to pay closer attention to synchronicities and how they correlate to our passionate existences. Our ability to forgive, will aid us in clearing the fog and removing the blindfold of fear. There are those who will say, that fear is only a fabrication of the mind and nothing more. Indeed, it is a fabrication, but not only of the mind. It has found it’s way into generations that do not thrive with such negative vibrations at all. Our organic systems, cannot help but transmit the origin of happiness first and then, continue to observe the emotional and mental changes, coming up to support us and guide us throughout the difficulties we are assigned by our divine Cosmos.
The Cosmos, has been created by not one, but everyone and everything, designed to guide us into the Era of Empathy. This is our time and we must become more assertive towards gifts that really do teach us the significance of sharing our powerful positions and our dispositions of positive thought and action. Our universe, has more secrets to share with us, should we find a way to cleanse our bodies and love our energetic vibrations of intense and blessed interaction with life. It is this life you are living, that simply wishes you to understand what true collective companionship could really mean for the world. A path of service, in whichever field, needs acknowledgement. And so, we ask that should you have not received any, so is it time to give it to yourself and look in the mirror.
Not just the physical one, but also the spiritual one you will always find in your sleep. The fact that too many suffer from Insomnia, is a disheartening truth we try to fight, says the Universe, but it is self-induced. Whatever you eventually started overlooking, like your sleep, will find a way back into your conscious mind. Only the here and now, can be positively challenged, should you find the power in you to love your Spirit and remember who you really are. By doing this, you return to eons of deep wisdom and truth.
Welcome Home!
It is in your heart that you will find strength, wisdom, patience, kindness and insight. By releasing your past, you find a moment to take it back and understand that you can only move on, if you leave it behind you. It is this that makes us a distinctly different species from all else the divine gives us to learn from. We learn from plants and animals. Not to keep busy and misuse their presence. Even though so many for the fun of it, hunt and kill creatures that are not designed to withstand this kind of abrupt and absurd treatment. Karma has come through in July, to review whose intentions are true and not.
It is therefor a request by the Holy Power of Truth, our God, that we restructure the way the elements return to our planet. Even though we may question one person, claiming to understand and hear the voice of God, so can we no longer deny, that God is real and God is here. And the fact that God has never left us, should by now, make us question the sincerity by which we regard our family and friends. Only then, can we venture into a dimension of synchronical events and uplifting experiences of insight. By this, we give Earth, our Mother of Natured and refined Light, a chance to balance itself out and help us fix this planet, our immediate surroundings and how we relate to ourselves.
The message is concluded with a saying that really does ring true:
Give unto others,
as you wish for them to give unto you.
With Love, Light and a divine peace in knowing we are able to reach you,
Serenity Visions,
Channeling the Universal Light of Peace, Joy and Goodness.
You are loved.

All Is One. And so are you, part of this Oneness! Time to get real with your Heart.


We greet you in the name of Love and the divine Light that comes through each and every one of us.
The new month of July has begun and many are now asking themselves, what the point of change really was, is and will be.
Let us start by viewing the true intentions of the Spirit world, the Afterlife and those who see this dimension of human intelligence.
Whether the Light has called you to conscious awareness as a child or you have simply started picking up on energy more recently, the goal for each Soul at this point in time, is awareness, opening up and being trusted wholeheartedly. Of course this is easier said than done, we understand that, says the Light. But what matters now, is that you at least try to give the divine uncertainty within and around you, a try in trusting where your path is leading. We can divinate by our own energy, to read the Earth and how much it desires to teach us with kindness and faith, that we may love what we are given. Comparing yourself to others, is yet again a lesson so many feel stuck in, without considering that even here, great truths come about as a result of sadness, unstopped and sometimes, induced by certain songs, movies or memories you were so ready to keep locked away and unseen.
The human Soul, feels that shame, is part of this life lesson and here, we start off by agreeing quite honestly, that yes, shame is a part of our life experience, but it is also something that must be removed once we have come to love our existence with more passion than fear for the future. Fear is not a fabrication of the mind. It is a little more than just being unsure of what is to come or what is. Fear, when we look deeper into the truth of it’s presence when we are tempted to give up, is a gift if turned around and channeled to find insight into life and how many others, have continued to pursue their dreams, regardless of what others may think of them.
For each person trying to find peace with the non-peace on planet Earth, the dreams we are receiving in July, will reveal an emotional consistency within reflecting about what you wish to achieve. To be ambitious is a good thing, because it teaches us to redevelop our approach to Success, Love and teaching one another the significance of self-evaluation with respect for who you are and what you know. In the next few days, a lot of us will be facing conditioned ways of thinking, for the last time. Some will continue to be busy with their leadership skills and how they assess emotions. But for many others, the end of self-punishing thoughts, could not be nearer.
What does that mean?
It means you will instinctively, begin to alternate your thoughtful energy of life and how it should be and merge with your existence in a more profound and deeper way. We are all looking to understand why we gave up in certain moments and why we felt the need to keep going. Some of us, have had to realize, that pushing our bodies, was not the right thing to do. For a few more, the idea of competing for someone’s attention that is not freely given, will cease to exist. Meaning that eventually, loving oneself and starting a more empowering relationship, is exactly the new plan of the age of Love, Observation, Victory and Empathy.
When we look at Empathy, the Soul wants to express more of it’s experience and share the powerful insight that has come throughout the years. To empathize with another human being, is to realize, your presence, has evoked a sort of insight in the Universe. To relate to suffering, in whichever form it may come to you, also means your awareness has grown. And that is not always guaranteed for those living with painful memories or being surrounded by people who may not be treated fairly by social circles or medical professionals. Our calling for this month, is to remove dis-eased ways of thinking. One of these ways, is sometimes believing that suffering is deserved, when it in truth, has no link to Karma.
To work on removing suffering as a life lesson for every Soul, is to slowly work on restructuring the way we trust life and how it’s beautiful lessons, suddenly show us the definition of self-awareness. For people who claim to not know much about the Spiritual shape the Soul takes, so is it important to join a group or some form of an activity such as Yoga, to continue exploring what so many other people feel once they have accepted themselves. And that is loneliness. This feeling can either make your rich or keep you in the mindset of poverty, unhappiness and pure suffering.
We as a collectively incarnated group of love, are destined to co-join forces and show many disappointed people, that life still has a lot to offer. Even if we may think that the price of love, has exceeded our income. Our Spirit world, guiding us, asks us to review our intentions when it comes to finances and observe if the heart we know, is the heart we trust. If you do not trust your heart, you may fall prey to indifference and that is a far darker world than some have ever been able to express. It is in the world of unhappiness, that we see no point in changing our lives. Success, can come in many ways, remember that, the Light says!
For example, losing weight, getting the job of your dreams, getting married or realizing you really do understand yourself a bit better than first assumed. Yes, all of these and so many more, can become personal forms of Success, which by all means necessary, must be cultivated with compassion, understanding, respect and once again, empathy. To release your doubts, is to acknowledge that you wish to see more of life, from a happier perspective. Not many people know the blessing in changing their mindset, outlook or point of view, unless there is a circumstance that propels that form of experience. Only the one who knows the value of sadness related insight, will appreciate the change in energy, that can either come by solid reflection or a situation you had not anticipated.
This is where the Spirit world asks us to meditate on Death and why we find it so hard to accept. The only reason so many of us cannot even say the word, is because we feel wronged by it and somehow, in a position of madness, as the answers just do not seem to add up or fulfill us with the conviction we are searching for. Yes, of course Life has a different way of finding our inner strength and helping us make things better. But the reality of who we are, must be accepted when it comes to Death, like life. For those who have lost loved ones, the journey is long and winding. You will at times worry about your personal power and if it still means as much to you, as it did many years ago. Your personal strength, is a gift as well and to aid others in healing from Life Shifts, can teach you to accept this part of our mortality, with more respect and compassion, than you have previously been able to do.
The Afterlife, is a heavenly realm of resurrected faith and so, to consider yourself to be a failure of the divine, can be the only thing stopping you from understanding that we all come from a universal dimension of experience and we return to it, for further insight, peace and kindness to those who may not have the means to let go of those they love.
Do not feel bad for needing a little longer, when it comes to mourning or grieving. In fact, be okay with taking your time, because it means you wish to do it in your own way and not be tempted by following a path that may have worked for someone else, but most definitely not for you.
Your individual path, is a beautiful symphony of highs and lows. Please do find it in your power, to forgive how the divine leaves this planet, but also returns to teach us that awareness never ends and pure love for creation, never dissipates as some of us may come to believe at a certain point in time.
For the month of July, we will continue to channel the emotional changes and their significance, the stronger we become and the more loving we decide to be.
being loving,
is a choice.
With Love,
Serenity Visions, Archangel Raphael and divine Cosmos called Light.
The Divine Compass Channeling Group
Finding and Loving the Light in you.