Respect all forms of service as we are one.

Welcome divine beings,
We share this message with courage, joy and excitement. The energies within the Universe are linking us to a more fruitful expression of what this life is. And by June 2015, many forms of service will continue to be acknowledged. They need to be, as our awareness depends on how open and conscious we truly are of this world. From lightworkers to soldiers, our position is a difficult one to understand. We come from a humble place, to make sure others are welcome to do as they wish.
The concept of freedom is not a complex one to understand, but very complex, nearly impossible to implement if the surrounding we are in, does not allow us to express ourselves from the truest parts of who we are.
Is a change coming?
Change is inevitable and will come. For those who are lightworking warriors, the change is just as important as any other and needs to be accepted for what it truly is. It will be a wave of excitement, rushing through all indigos by December 17th, 2015. Here the Archangel Michael, will reconnect and disconnect many souls. In fact, this time will bring about a fruitful experience of both shifting and transforming energies.
Be on the lookout for forgiveness. Our souls need to over time realize what forgiveness can do for you, on an individual level. We all need new people in our lives, that show us the essence of communication. Feeling accepted, free and understood, is among some of the things any type of soldier provides for a larger group of people.
Archangel Michael happens to be the warrior, in charge of what is to come for you. Meeting new souls, that all happen to have a deep interest in the world of Spirituality, deserve to see and understand what got you to this place of love.
Acknowledging who you are.
Loving who you are.
Respecting who you are.
Appreciating how you are.
Nourishing how you are.
Yes, many desires come from Heaven. We deserve to channel that energy and prosper. Yet prospering is never easy and requires a lot of hard work. We need to often work on feelings of inertia once we are conscious of just how much progress is actually possible. The heart will look for many ways to express what it feels on this matter. Progress is a beautiful thing, with an amazing way of showing us that we are human and alive at that.
Today, speak a meditative prayer or affirmation that you support your own self. That you support what your self needs and among those needs, freedom is a big one! Speak with compassion and a humbling presence.
Find you.
With Love,
Moon Medium for Divine Compass Channelings


Good Day to you all,
We come forth with a divine message of courage and joy once more.
Do not worry about the path you have consciously chosen. We always choose two paths. One consciously and one sub-consciously. Within these two paths, many more open up to us, changing who we are as a person. The most important thing to remember whilst changing, is never to give up on the courage you have built over the years. Whether it is about your past, your dreams, or the many losses you have had to endure. Of course it would be lovely to believe only one source is responsible for all that has happened in life, but the origin of free will is far more delicate than we are willing to accept at times.
Your soul is a gateway. Understanding by which energies this gateway is inspired and not provoked, embraced and not rejected, is very important. Our lives depend on the approach we end up having instinctively. Some will understand how you are as a person, whilst others will have great difficulty comprehending how you choose to live your life. If you continue to keep yourself busy with what others think of you, you end up becoming a fearful and quite an anxious type of person.
Your soul, can only handle so much anxiety. It seeks the best experiences possible, but can easily begin to evaluate or judge, what level of experience it is having. If you are not happy with this experience, you encourage your capacity to handle energy, to seek a different unit of experience. Try not to judge just yet, where this life is taking you or further more, how this life is challenging you into becoming a better person.
We all have trouble focusing on the matters that ask us to be patient with how life is working. Finding a substitute, is more exhausting than finding a balance for anger. It is in understanding that anger can damage you in unspoken ways, that begins to balance what you are going through. We seek to find a balance in who we are as a person. To bring peace to others, envelopes our souls with courage and a stamina to keep on going.
Today, is about making peace with what you may be angry about.
To confront yourself, can only give you a greater sense of accomplishment, awareness and confidence. Your soul can most definitely handle it. The more we look at our hearts with faith, the higher the vibration we put out becomes. We are excellent sources of compassionate truth and light. It changes us as a person, when we enjoy the mechanisms we develop over time. A coping mechanism, can hardly be enjoyed, nor anticipated.
Find the strength in who you are, to look at yourself with hope and the path before you, will within being conscious, reveal itself to be extraordinary!
We wish you luck, love and light!
With Love,
Moon Medium for Divine Compass Channelings.

Time to find your Soul Group…..they’re waiting;)


Greetings and welcome to a new week!
We are part of the Soul Group, that searches for the truth in every emotion. Now you too may be wondering what past lives may have led you here. Seeing your soul, communicating with it and trusting it, will open up the gateway/spiritual doorway, to help you on to the path of great change. It is change we are looking for and that is also exactly where our message begins.
Please do not fear the changes coming ahead. You have heard this from us before, but let us deepen the desire we have here, with good reason. Your existence is inter-dimensionally communicative, pulling in many sources of inspiration, motivation and passion itself. Quite often, when something new comes up in life, we quickly pull back, hoping to outrun whatever is coming towards us. This can be because past changes were not successfully met with.
The time we are experiencing now, looks different with like-minded individuals and people who truly care about making a difference. If you are one them, begin the search intuitively and see how beautifully things come together. Everything happens for a reason and meeting an old friend, in a spiritual sense, can uplift you immensely. Not only this, it has the power to change how you felt about opening up, just yet. When we look at the new week coming in and what it is asking of us, so is it is simple. Yet no change comes easily and we too, are aware of this.
Today is a day of giving. It might be good to indeed speak that apology, apply for that job or open up to a dear one on how you feel about them. Communicating your anxieties may be intimate at first, but it does your vibration a lot of good, as it begins to accept itself and work with the vibes the person you are talking to, is putting out. The reason we are showing you a picture of the Chakra System, is because this is how you the start of your journey always looks like. To know energy, is to know yourself. And even though it is not impossible to reach new heights on an emotional level, so do we warn you not to rush ahead.
Give yourself and your soul, some time. Be patient with who you are as a person and see changes, mild ones, appear this week already. Many people have the means to bring people together and bring about a change. But many of these people fear becoming a target for others. Growth can only happen once you are conscious of it not being about fitting in, but standing out and allowing people to see you for who you really are, is a blessing too! A pioneer will always have it’s fears, believing that a part of this reality might vanish from one moment to the next. And in a way, that is the truth. It is this truth, that aids you within your search for a soul group.
You incarnate based on ethics, powers and past life energy. Some people are meant to meet each other in this lifetime, because that is how empathy and a powerful level of awareness, can re-balance itself. Otherwise the sadness that cements itself, begins to ruin who you are from the very root of your soul! A soul group is known to be consisting of seven intuitive souls. They will mentor, heal and reflect based on chakra energy being exchanged. Each one brings out the awesome in the other. They are born to experience many emotions that all help you progress on the path you are on. The path never stops, it changes and that is exactly what the Angels are here for. They help us transition in many phases, so we can meet with our own expectations of who we feel we deserve to be.
The message for this week, is to love your dreams. They are going to return. So even if you had this great idea and lost hope on it, don’t. Ideas is what changed this world in the first place and they deserve to be found and supported with good faith. Many of us, wish we had the answers to the most pressing issues in life. Yet some of us, settle with knowing, that answers arrive when it is best. Angels are not creatures that appear with all the fluff you might have heard. They are energy beings and always come to improve, uplift, motivate and direct your energies.
So if you have met someone from your Soul Group and you click, ask yourself if this is what has been happening. If so, give thanks and allow your intuition to feel confident as you approach people you feel attracted to, on so many levels. There are many levels of attraction, even though sexuality is always the most accentuated one. Try a platonic relationship to the light and the burning need to be fed on a sensual basis, will be sated, balanced and it will recuperate with rest, nourishment in the form of intellectual information and trust.
We wish you a brilliant week,
Indigo Lovers of the Light and to all Soul Groups, hang in there. Information can always be given with a dear and honest heart.
With Light and Love,
Moon Medium for Divine Compass Channelings

Blessed are you! Always my divine!


Good Day to all you divine Starseeds.
Indeed, this is where we begin to shift once more and share a sacred message of uplifting love with you.
Our generation is changing things in a miraculous but also devastating way. We need to seek balance in this time of confusion and meditation is definitely a way to enter a more peaceful state of mind. Yes, there is a lot of unhappiness on our planet, yet we lightworkers are designed to promote a more stable way of being, which ultimately leads to a much finer way of using you talents.
Remember, your existence came here to do many wonderful things. Yes, mistakes are part of the path in life. But once you know better and many of us now do, so can we set the sails for the new storm ahead. And yes, one is coming. As Summer shifts within this season from Winter, so will a major Moon come to pass. This Moon will rest well in July, increasing the intentions to love and be loved. The intensity of this Moon, extends itself into the new year, meaning that all of us Indigo beings, will be sowing seeds of faithfulness, promise and an all round motivated sense of seeing things.
This Moon affects us all, but adults, due to inter-chakral shifts will only locate the energy within the Root Chakra. Passing the Earth Chakra, the energies will take root within the dome of intention, where your Will Power lies. Free will, is powerful and we all deserve to enjoy where this one will be taking us.
Being a helpful being, is a difficult and sometimes draining task. Yet, let not the draining of it, convince you to not help others, especially if a gift is included. Your existence is going to affect every other soul it passes in time and how you choose to leave your trace within someone’s heart, is completely up to you.
But as we learn to give and devote ourselves to the number one religion, Love, so does the spiritual part of who we are, awaken instantly. We are inspired by others for a reason and in no other time, than our time right now, has the love we have for life, been greater. But also, in no other time, than the moment we have before us right now, has the fear of losing love never been greater.
Do not back down and hide from the Love in your soul. We accentuate it, we complete it and without a heart to care for, love means literally nothing. Whether it is your own heart or that of another, be cautious, be open and be proud to love. Sowing these seeds is exactly what will bring a great harvest of realizations. Be prepared to go the extra mile this year and teach others of the goodness you are learning in life. Even if some don’t go along with who you are and what you do, so does it not matter.
What matters, is inspiring the one or two odd ones out, who seek your wisdom for a good reason. We meet people for so many reasons and even though the heart finds it hard to let go sometimes, the truth is, it is inevitable, as more comes into your life, to support you, guide you and yes, love you.
We therefor send you love and an abundance of insight as the Full Moons come to pass. Each one represents an integral part of consciousness and deserves to be worked with.
Love and light,
Divine Compass Channelings

We are back with more love and more light!


Greetings to you all,
After a year of personal growth and divine development, so have we chosen to channel a sacred truth in our message today.
You are never alone.
Times may have convinced you that certain goals were no longer worthy of being reached, but I can assure you, every goal you set for yourself, will have a profound effect on who you are as a person and what your soul still needs to communicate unto the world. When we regard our soul energy with faith, we seem hopeful, jovial and connected to life. When we regard our soul essence with fear, that then seems to be the only thing we ever think about.
Find your essence,
find your peace.
Too many people wish for things they do not understand. They will see what they want in another and believe to want it in that exact same way. The problem is, you never get what someone else is getting, in THAT EXACT SAME WAY;) What you will get, is what you truly deserve. And not when the soul sits there thinking it does not have to work towards enlightenment. It happens when you initiate positive thinking and allow your insights to guide you, rather than control you and a reality that is already being controlled by the sacred Higher Power of the I AM.
The christ consciousness finds many ways to communicate issues, thoughts and feelings towards the year we are living in. 2015 is about progress and finding the inner strength to shift from an unhappy state of mind and so being, into something more beneficial and lighter for your overall AURA. This goes not mean the shift will be made so easily be everyone. We only change once we believe there is something to live for. We go back to old patterns, only to find something new, and for what?
This year is calling the strongest of us all, to develop a mentality of freedom, capability and respect. It is difficult remaining uplifted and positive, yes it is. Despite the social challenges we all experience, the true bliss of life, is and always will be, communication. Do not hesitate to smile today and show people a glow that you know you don’t have to work up, you simply have to share it.
What this world needs, is many things. But one of them, is hope. We have endured brutalities that have shifted the hopeful energy of Heaven. Many question if justice is a dream come true or a joke. It is not a joke. It is simply being executed without any information on what the intentions were. Many people are now anticipating a much greater vibration, to counteract the laws and fears of a saddened generation.
We possess the power to change laws, but we fear what those before us will think. Well, we need not fear. Spirit is a powerful assistance and asks us to regard ourselves with more patience for the future. This, will change with sudden speed as the year shifts into the Season of Spring. The amount of energy expressed on past projects, is also designed to find you again and asks you to work on plans for the future.
Usually, when our plate is extremely full, we struggle to believe that the future will have anything other than fear and worries to offer. We from the Divine Compass Channeling group, ask you to reconsider if this is the best approach. A meditation session, opening the heart chakra, will shed a lot of anxiety.
Do this and ask yourself again,
are you ready to live?

We sure are!
With Love and Light,
The Divine Compass Channeling Group,

Make it your new thing to be open-minded!


Greetings to you all.

The veil has been lifted and many of you are beginning to open up with such rapid movement,
it may overwhelm you. The time has come for you to make great moves, all in the direction of the
future. Be prepared and awaken to the depth of your soul now, by choosing the light in all forms.
Love is truly unconditional as it will pierce through everything and help you become the teaching
source of light you have always been.

Now is not the time to wander about in streets of sadness or depression. Should you find yourself,
or someone else to be there, then draw the line and finally seek consistency, recovery but also
compassion. Treatment is never easy, but Spirit wants to look at this with concern for those who are
immediately affected by your energy.

As you know, energy can travel and we all need to be very careful about what we put out there, because
everything affects anything. And anything can change the course of how everything is meant to go. Now
the moment has arrived to pursue your dreams, cut your losses and figure out a new way to handle life.

Your friendships, interests and dreams can all be nurtured by trusting in them. The problem so many
people have with making new friends or reconnecting with an old one, is the fear of judgement. Consider
carefully if this fear is holding you back from going on to making bigger and better things happen for you.
Remember that as you change, you grow and your healing path is meant to be a complex one, but also
a revealing one.

Strength reveals tenacity and this gets you further than some may like to acknowledge. Tread easily now
and welcome in the hope of tomorrow. Each soul will understand something wonderful about time itself.
It must be challenged or else it will challenge us. This is a time where you will see the true faces of those you
made family, friends or just simply acquaintances. Either way, have it in you to choose honesty and don’t
worry about where they will end up, especially if all you know is negativity from them.

Choose you and be proud of what it took to get to where you are. Your dreams cannot be bought and will
linger upon your doorstep for as long as you ignore them. Dreams can only prosper with assurance that
you will follow them. When? Is entirely up to you. How? Also!

We wish you the best when it comes to healing and opening up.
Remember, we are always serving the positivity in us.

With Love,

March 2014

It’s been a while, but we are back;)


We welcome you to a new message.

Today we focus on releasing what we know, will no longer be of benefit to us.
Being human means being yourself. There is no clear instruction manual as to what is truly
of importance in being human. Yes we have morals, ethics, dreams and wishes. But do we
choose to work with them or not? Do we go so far as to accept our divine souls and no longer
worry if we are perfect for someone else?

Yes, the year has begun and we are approaching March with sacred Moons and moments of
introspection. You too will have noticed how January was all about grounding. This month is
not only the month of love, but also the month of release. True and pure love, shall not want and
we must remind ourselves of this holy calling to be honest with those who are honest with us.

Yes, we spoke about Denial, Depression and Disease, all throughout the last year. This year,
we have decided to consciously focus on the more beautiful moments in life, and not necessarily,
moments we know we cannot change. Many of you have arrived to love people on this planet.
Meaning, many of you, have come home.

Home is what we all are searching for, with a condition and that is why some aren’t there yet.
Indeed, many want things their way and not in a new and perhaps more healthier way for the future.
We as lightworkers do not tell you what to do and maybe that is what irritates and annoys the lost
and angry. This life is not about doing something for someone else and then hoping to get something
out of it. Nope. The life we all have been blessed with, is trying to prove a point in not judging others but
respecting them for whatever role they may play in our lives.

Nothing is separate and still, many struggle to make peace with that one true fact from the universe.
It is through universal power, that we all are linked. We vibrate highest to the frequency of forgiveness
and new beginnings. Our advice, as Healers, is to accept the new beginnings and release the endings
that for now, have crushed you internally.

When love comes knocking at your door, don’t judge it. It has waited to find you and perhaps seeing
where all will take you, is a much more peaceful and calmer way of treating the whole situation. People
can also easily take advantage of you and your strengths so be careful and learn from the past.
Meaning, trust those who have proven themselves trustworthy.

With Love,

Divine Compass Channelings
Love and Light